How to clear validity period on privacyIDEA once set through the UI interface

Platform: Amazon Linux
Database: PostgreSQL 9.5
privacyIDEA version: 2.21
Browsers: Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Is it possible to completely clear the validity period from the web portal token detail page?

Steps taken:

1- Log in to privacyIDEA web portal
2- All Tokens > Select a token > Info > Edit
3- Set validity period start and end
4- Save
5- Assign User
6- Un-assign user
7- Log out
8- Log back in to privacyIDEA web portal
9- All Tokens > Select same token as step 2 > Info > Edit
10- Clear and save (Note: The date defaults to current date and not cleared)

Thank you.

Hi Ali,
what do you mean with “completely clear”?

You mean somehow “delete” the existing validity period from a token?
You are right - this is not possible :open_mouth:
…in the web UI.

However, when I take a look at your workflow, you might want to configure a token handler to either set the validity_period_start and validity_period_end to an empty string which would be the same as if it was not set:

So create two event handlers:

  • event: token_unassign
  • handler module: token
  • condition: maybe none
  • action: set tokeninfo
    • key: validity_period_start
    • value: “”

…and the same with validity_period_end.

Kind regards

Understood. Thank you very much.