Deploy customized Privacyidea code on ubuntu server

I have customized the privacyidea code base as per my requirements now I want to deploy the server on the cloud.

Following things, I need to do:

  1. Switch the server in production mode
  2. Run the server with gunicorn or mod_wsgi

It is easy to install and deploy from the package by doing “apt-get install privacyidea-radius” but I want to deploy manually.

Is there any document available for deployment? If someone has deployed customized privacyidea then please help me for the initial setup.

Please read through the whole Install section with all sub sections and tell where you are missing which information.

FYI You can run the server with gunicorn from the source directory with:
PRIVACYIDEA_CONFIGFILE=/path/to/pi.cfg gunicorn ''

Thanks, @plettich I did it in the same way