Commas and newlines in OTP email

Is there any way to include commas and newlines in the body of an email OTP message? When I enter commas in a policy’s “emailtext”, it cuts off the message at the first comma. When I try to paste newlines there, they are converted to spaces.

When I look in the database, the policy action contains a comma-separated list of key=value pairs, but without any quoting, so it seems unlikely that I’d be able to include commas via this method. Is there another way of specifying the body of the email OTP message?

Email templates have been a feature request for some time. We just merged this into master, so this will be included in the next release.

Thank you. I have merged that patch into my code and I’m now able to send email using a template file.

Unfortunately, now my message shows up as a nameless attachment instead of being the body of the email message. When I look at the raw email the body is base64 encoded. Is this the intended behavior?

Thank you for testing this and reporting the issue! I reproduced this locally and I guess this isn’t the behavior we want :slight_smile: I opened #915 to keep track of this.

I have made the change to my code that you indicated in the issue (“text/html” -> “html”) and my emails are showing up properly now.

Thank you for your assistance.

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