Call for content for project room at FroSCon

Dear Community,

we are granted a project room at the open source conference FrOSCon on August 11th.

We already planned some content:


  • talk about push token
  • talk about roadmap
  • talks about real-world-examples / user stories

Discussion / Panel

  • discussion about webui
  • discussion about smartcard management


  • How to add 2FA with privacyIDEA to your own open source project

There are still some timeslots and we want to give other members from the community the possibility talk about their experiences or cool setups. Or you may simply suggest things to discuss.
Your input is valuable!

So either respond to this topic or send a private message!

Thanks a lot


I’d be happy to show what I prepared in my local network:

  • integration with FreeIPA (via RADIUS)
  • sudo with OTP only, no PIN
  • Kolab

I’d be happy to discuss pro’s and con’s and ideas from other users.


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Hi Jochen,
this sounds great! What do you think how long you want ot or need to talk about it?
If there should be more real world examples (I guess not that much), maybe we can do a real-world-example-session.

Hi Cornelius,
Hm, I’m not sure yet. Just presenting what I have and discussing some
ideas might need half an hour or so.
I guess, I can skip an introduction to privacyidea :slight_smile:
If we want to look at the configurations in detail and start discussing,
then we’ll need more time. Since I like lively discussions/workshops
more than presentations, how about 45-60 minutes?
Let’s see if there are other proposals and we can redefine the scope as needed.

Hi Jochen,
OK, I get the idea.
Now waiting for other topics.