AW: LDAP and Google-authentication in VPN with qr-code showing

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Betreff: LDAP and Google-authentication in VPN with qr-code showing


we would like our users to access a VPN with 2FA: LDAP and TOTP (Google-authentication).
The VPN device will probably be a Cisco and I am only familiar myself with the cisco-vpn desktop client.

I am trying to imagine how we can present to the user a form where he/she can enter the LDAP-credentials (AD) and the qr-code for google-authenticator.
Is there somewhere a step by step guide or demo to show how this practically gets presented to the enduser ?

Currently I have privacyIdea and Freeradius installed, but I cannot find doc that explians how the configure a Cisco-client for 2fa (challenge response mode)?

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