About to release privacyIDEA 3.5

Hi There,
we are about to release privacyIDEA 3.5, which enhances the 4-eyes token, adds support to enroll Yubikey as a smartcard (at least test the attestation certificate) and many enhancements with the UI, the dashboard, policies and events.
We are in the feature freeze and current not adding any more code.

See the changlog here:

We will now also provide packages for Ubuntu 20.04!
So you can check out the devel release/release candidate via one of these repositories:

deb http://lancelot.netknights.it/community/xenial/devel xenial main

deb http://lancelot.netknights.it/community/bionic/devel bionic main

deb http://lancelot.netknights.it/community/focal/devel focal main